Mojo vs. Facts: Three Options for Enhancing Men’s Virility

This is one of the subjects I have become excessively interested in for the past few years. I have read many articles, scientific studies, forums, and even tried a few products that are intended for male sexual enhancement.

If you embark on an online quest for a male sexual booster, it quickly becomes evident how much misinformation, contradictions, myths and BS that this industry is based on. One has literally to be a ‘scam detective’ to separate the good male enhancement products (and they aren’t many) from the bad ones (these rule!)

So, let me share with you some of my findings and conclusions about three of the ‘top recommended’ products for male virility enhancement: supplements, extender devices, and pumps.

(Super-) Natural Supplements

People love supplements, don’t you? They are natural, affordable and provide mind-blowing results…or at least that’s what the ads say!

Like supplements sold for any other purpose, sexual supplements for men are usually marketed under inflated and stretched claims with no scientific merit. You only need horse sense to figure out that most online- and offline-pitched supplements for sexual enhancement are more of a rip off. Here are some facts you should remember:

  • Just because it says natural does not mean it is safe. Many dietary supplements for men have been found to contain harmful substances and hidden drugs.
  • Many pills sold for erection or penis enhancement at high prices are no more than a useless multivitamin that you can buy locally for less than $10.
  • If it says ‘penis enlargement’, then pass! There is no pill of any kind that can make your penis grow. Would you believe that many thousands of consumers actually bought the 3-inch-penis-growth-pill nonsense?
  • Shop at popular stores like GNC and CVS, where you can find real user reviews. Avoid shady online websites that you found out about at some penis enlargement or porn website.

Tug-of-War Penile Extenders

Maybe if you keep stretching your penis every day it will grow a little longer eventually? Well, that has been tried before and actually there is some evidence it may work, to some extent. A penis extender device functions by pulling the glans, and thus the shaft, away from the pubic bone. Over time, this technique is believed to result in permanent lengthening.

I did find a couple of clinical studies that support some of the claims. However, they suggest that one must wear the extender 4-6 hours daily for 3-6 months at least to see any results. I don’t know if you have the time or will to stick to such a routine, but remember that there is no guarantee of success with such a poorly-studied mode of treatment. The conducted studies seem to involve men with a micropenis, and the best result any of them achieved was less than an inch increase in length.

There are many penis extenders promoted mainly on review websites and forums. Some of the top brands include Jes Extender (Denmark made), SizeGenetics (Denmark made), PeniMaster PRO (Germany made), and Phallosan Forte (Malta made).

Take-Charge Pumps

If the little buddy won’t rise on its own, you can take matters into your own hands and (en)force an erection using a penis pump, aka vacuum constriction device. This is one of the oldest treatment options for erectile dysfunction.

A penis pump is basically an airtight hollow tube inside which the penis is fitted, and then using either a hand pump or an electric pump, air is gradually forced out of the tube creating a sucking vacuum force around the penis. This stimulates the penis to get erect and as the pressure increases more blood is drawn into the erectile bodies inside the penis. Once a full and hard erection is achieved, the tube is removed and a rubber band is placed at the base of the penis to prevent blood from escaping while the user enjoys his pumped-up tool in sexual activity.

That’s what an air pump does, and they are often prescribed for ED patients who cannot or do not want to take oral medications. But, there is another type of erection pumps that work with water instead of air.

A penile hydro pump is similar to the air pump, but it is filled with water and used in the bath. An example is Bathmate Hydromax, which is more of a self-pleasure male sex toy that has been featured in some adult stores and exhibits.

Such water pumps are claimed to promote growth in penile length and girth if used on a regular basis for a long period of time. There are no clinical studies available to confirm such claims, but looking at user reviews online, it seems that Bathmate can temporarily enhance erection girth and hardness. It is unlikely that any permanent growth in the penis will result from using a hydro pump.

My final advice is to always stay safe and not try any treatment or product you find online without researching carefully about it. Avoid any product that sounds too good to be true.


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